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 Our mission is to give our kids a chance to learn the message of Allah


Umar is 11 years old. He has got strength from his name, because his ideal is Umar Al Farouq. Ma Shaa Allah he is reading Quran fluently, and he has a wonderful voice, he learnt Tajweed as well and he is able to teach Quran now. He looks forward to being from the superior that the prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned in Hadith, that they learn Quran and then teach it.


Raihaan is 6 years old and he started reading Quran when he was 4, he also made fast progress and decided to memorize the Holly Quran when he was 5. His ideal is Shikh Alhusary. He has finished Hifz Juz Amma and started Surah Al-Baqara and his wish is to be famous Shikh and great Imam.


Ronza she is 6 years old. She loves to be responsible and take care of others like her little sister. She is very organized and a helpful girl MashaAllah. She loves to constantly learn more information about the world around her and she loves to learn Arabic Alhamdullah. She started talking when she was two years and a half, and she even memorized surat Al Qadr at that age too.


Inaya is 9 years old. She is lovely and serious at learning Quran. When she was 3 she tried to imitate her mom when she was reciting Quran and since that time she started her journey with the Holly Quran, also she had passion for understanding Quran and for this why she started a Quranic Arabic course, and she found it beneficial Alhamdulillah.

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