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Although we launched the Muslim Kids to nurture the love of the Quran and Islam in our kids, but we want to make this experience even better by including the adults.

We offer courses such as Quran memorization, Arabic, Tajweed, and Islamic Studies for adults as well.

Quran Memorization:

We offer three types of Quran memorization courses:

  • Memorize the complete Quran.
  • Memorize the last 20 Suras of the Holy Quran.
  • Memorization of selected Suras of the Holy Quran (Sura Faatihah, Baqara, An’aam, Yusuuf, Kahf, Haa Meem Sajdah, Luqmaan, Muhammad, Fat-h, Yaseen, , Waqiah, Muzzammil, Taghabun, , Mulk, Al Rahman, Jumua, Qiyamah and Juz Amma).

Quran Tajweed:

Tajweed is undoubtedly important to all Muslims. It contributes to the proficiency of the Holy Quran. Every word of the Holy Quran brings you unlimited rewards. Furthermore, you will receive even more rewards when you pronounce every word correctly and accurately.

This course includes:

Introduction to Tajweed Rules

The Articulation Points of the Letters

The Characteristics of the Letters

Rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween

Rules of Meem Sakinah

Types of Madd

Arabic Course:

This course focuses on reading, writing, and speaking the Arabic language fluently. The students are familiarized with the different grammatical structures of the language. As a bonus, we also teach different business jargons that can help in business communication.

Islamic Studies Course:

For exploring different areas of Islamic Studies, we provide a comprehensive and well-crafted chart to help the students decide upon the area of studies. This course covers areas such as:

Aqeedah (Islamic creed)


Islamic History


Quranic Tafseer

All the courses cover a range of topics beginning from the basic and progressing towards the advanced studies.

Our Teachers:

Muslim Kids opts for only the most proficient and educated scholars to teach the Islamic Studies course. Our tutors hold Ijazah from the world’s best Islamic University, Al-Azhar. They are fully knowledgeable and devoted to their profession. Their deep understanding of Fiqh, Aqidah, and Hadith helps contextualize the concepts easier for students.